At over 800 years old, Zelman is an Old Blood and one of the oldest and most powerful vampires. Born in Poland on April 1st, he has many titles; Crimson-eye Zelman, Dark hunter, follower of the Fire God, the Red eyed murderer and the Prince with blood coloured eyes. He is the only known vampire that is 'The Bearer of the Fire Gods Flame.

Personality Edit

Zelman exudes a calm, calculated, and confident aura but his real self is someone with a somewhat dubious morality. Even so, despite his hatred and strong emotions, he is someone who values freedom above all, and lives only according to his existence as a vampire. He taught Kotaro that a vampire's fate centers around blood and blood only. It's shown that he gets along very well with Kotaro as he states that he feels upbeat around him, and that they should go and eat ramen together again sometime.

Before his confrontation with Jiro, despite his sense of anticipation of the confrontation, Zelman is able to hide it and keep it under control. He is the only one of the vampire leaders who willingly accepted Jiro and his brother to the Special Zone as he enjoys their personalities.

He is a leader of the non-officially-sanctioned group called 'The Coven'. Because he had to prove his bloodline, and had to fight, he was the only one that was left; which is also due to his lifespan of 800 years.

Appearance Edit

Zelman is a relatively tall, young-looking man (although is in fact over 800 years old), with a thin physique, red-colored hair cut into flares, and abnormally pale skin. His eyes are dark crimson, and he bears a single earring in his right ear. His outfit consists of his signature hat, black jacket, and white undershirt beneath it, as well as dark black pants. His fangs can be shown at certain points.