Mimiko Katsuragi is one of the main characters from black blood brothers. Mimiko first meets Jiro and Kataro when she "fishes" then out of the ocean. Mimiko is sulking at first becasue she thinks she wont be able to set foot on the beach again. Then she calms down and explains to jiro the rules about her job and what she does.


Mimiko can be very easy going and is nice and she tends to get "pissed off" when people are rude. She acts very motherly twords Kataro by being nice to him and when he said he had a salty taste in his mouth mimiko gave him the bowl of sweet fruit and whiped cream on top


Mimiko wears a white shirt with a dark blue suit like top over the shirt she weres a dark blue skirt that has a spit on it and she also wears a maroon tie. Mimiko has brown messy hairy and she also has long bands that cover most of her forehead. Mimiko had brown eyes and had thickis thinish eyebrows.