Joe Tiona is the Girlfriend of Rinsuke Akai she is kind of the girly version of him. Joe is from two animes which include mermaid melody pitchi pitchi pure and Black Blood Brothers she had to be sent to mermaid melody because she was a mermaid and and she has the Ghost Pearl shell locket to prove it. Her home is the Diamond River she was living a calm life until Gaito showed up and destoried her home. So she came up to the suface to hide from Gaito and his minons Yuri, Maria, Eriru, and Izul when she meet Rinsuke. Her personalty is kind, sweet, nice, caring, smart, funny, loves kids, and has a Golden heart. her friends are Sally, Jan (sis), Diana (sis), Becca (sis), Tiara, and (don't freak everyone including you Jiro, Jiro: why would I freak Me or Joe: because it is C.A.S.S.A Jiro: who? Joe: Cassa can you read what is coming out of my mouth Jiro:............, Mimiko:......., Zelman:......., Rinsuke:......., Cain: What the hell did you say, Joe: you heard me Cassa is my friend and sill is, Cassa: way to stick it to him Joe, Joe: thanks at least some one agrees with me anyone eles, Jiro: no fucken way, Mimiko: I agree with him, Zelman: No way, Rinsuke:...I'm afaid not, Cain: no she has devils blood, Joe: thats it everyone out except Cain, Jiro, Mimiko, and Zelman, Rinsuke: what about me and cassa, Joe: easy you step out the door and Cassa stays here until I get this

Will finish later